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The easiest and hardest thing to do when you are trying to catch people in the internet is Advertising. Easy because your imagination of what concept or idea to use can reach to sky high and hardest because you also want to catch the user’s attention and you also have to make sure that your ad stands out from the mediocre ‘just OK’.

But some ads do stand out. They make you laugh, play, enjoy — and most importantly, remember the advertising message. You might be wondering what these kind of ads have in common. The one thing they have in common is that these types of ads seek to deliver an experience rather than just the brand. These advertisers created holistic advertising experience neatly tucked into a brand ad. I mean how cool and subtle is that?

So we have here some ways to give your ad a fighting chance to get noticed.

Use video


When you have a lot of budget for the ad and campaign it’s advantageous to use video in advertising but use it in non-traditional ways. Combine the video into a banner to increase effectiveness. MediaMind’s benchmarks show that video has a positive effect on nearly every metric. It increases dwell rates by 30 percent and nearly doubles dwell time. Furthermore, it doubles click-through rates and increases conversion rates.


Create Engagement

You should find a way to engage your readers and audience in your advertisement may it be a simple banner or a video or a combination of both. Like create an ad that asks them to play a virtual game, maybe to shoot something or to guess something or maybe a simple question and answer. This makes the ad more memorable because of the experience. This is what a Kindergarten teacher does when approaching a child, to entertain, engage and educate the child so who says advertisers can’t do this approach also.


We also have traditional tips to people who still can afford the video ad.

The use of white blank space

Magazines and newspapers are crammed with text. If your ad is a breath of fresh air, you can use that space to draw in the eye.

blank space and bold letters

If not white space, flood the page with a color. An orange page in a sea of text will grab attention. Black, not so much, but it can be effective.

Turn the ad on its head Or on its side.

This will break the regularity and DO it for a reason not just because you feel like it.

Always go for the BIG font

A page filled with a headline could really break through. But it needs to be 90% of the ad. There are large headlines everywhere; yours needs to be enormous.

What about bending some rules?

Well, you can certainly and creatively break rules. J like printing your ads backwards, or pretend to commit mistake in the headlines. Make the ad look like it’s off register, or there’s been a spill on the page. Do things that uglify your ad. Anything that goes outside of the normal parameters is going to help you stand out from the crowd.

Remember, as Dave Trott has said, 89% of ads go unnoticed. You cannot afford to be contributing to that pile. Who cares if your ad turns off a lot of people, if it catches the attention of the right ones, you’re golden.

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