Doing Accounting & Budgeting for your Blogging Business

If one day you just started blogging like a normal person do laundry or bath. Who really did not put much thought about making money about it. You did not even mind and care to research for keywords but then again; your blog got a lot of traffic and responses. More than you expect and then you ask yourself, what now? What can I do to benefit and at the same time improve my blog for a wider audience?

blog it!

Maybe it’s time to think about monetizing your blog. Now, that the thought has crossed your mind let’s set a budget for your blog business because running a blog requires money and if you want your blog to run smoothly a good blog budget is important. A good budget will allow you to foresee expenses and will ensure you that your blog will have good traffic all year round (but of course that’s another story).

So below we have provided you with the estimates that one might need to run their own blog business. The budget may differ probably from where you want to buy your domain but that’s okay!


You need: $100 to $200 Per Year

Domain Name: $14/year 
Of course you have to have your own domain name, and the shorter and unique sounding your name the better because it can be easily remembered and if you choose for domain privacy there’s an additional $10 to $20 dollars.

Hosting: $60 to $200/year 
Hosting – $107/year. When you want to monetize your blog you can use

WordPress theme – $50 (for 5) It’s always much better to buy yourself with a theme because it comes with support. So you will actually learn new things along the way also.

Logo- $5. You can go for the extra five mile and buy your blog a logo. You can go to Fiverr and see who among the people there will design it for you.


All in all we have an estimate of:

Domain name – $14

Hosting             – $107

Theme               – $50

Logo                   – $ 5




Optional Spending


Web Design 

Well, when you have crossed that extra 5 mile then why don’t you just go all the way and hire someone to design for your blog, you know to add that visually attractiveness factor. This will cost you around $100. (Depending on the web designer that you will choose of course).


Yes, now that you have decided to monetize your blog. Advertise it to the whole world to see, this consist of running ads on Facebook. The budget depends from blogger to blogger and also depends on your cash on hand for the advertisement. There are ranges of prices that you can choose. The range starts from $10 up.


There will come a time that you need more hands to handle your blog. Especially when you know that it’s growing. Take time to see how people charge for these services. Like how much a Virtual Secretary may cost? Can you afford part-timers or regulars? Usually the salary ranges from $150 to $300 depending on the experience and expertise of your chosen candidate because you never know when the help might be needed.

Now, when you reach this stage you might want to consider to buy an accounting software in this way you will be able to track down all your expenses.

Business Cards 

Now that you are now a certified blogger you need a certified business card. B-card are useful for potential clients. If you don’t have one, start to plan to have one then add them to your budget.

And lastly, don’t forget to set aside a budget to maintain your computer. The heart of it all, the machine that do half the work for you.  Also, don’t forget your internet bills and maybe a little giveaway for loyal clients.



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