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7 Great Ideas To Make Money Online

There are many ways to make extra money very easy, some more elaborate, some more quickly and others with more patience. We review of ideas to generate extra income to the necessity and difficulty of finding a job. These ways to make money have been used by different people at certain stages of their life. 1. Diving container. […]

5 Reasons to have a personal blog

It is important to know the reasons why you should create your personal blog. A blog is like a bar, everyone at some point must have planned to open one, but at the last moment you have to pull back. Leaving aside the hospitality industry, today from a freelance you want to tell some of the main reasons why you […]

Top 10 Social networking Tips for your Business

Surely you’ve heard or read how important your brand is in social networks: the audiences are online and you have to go get them. Certainly, behind a social media strategy there are many benefits specific to your business, we’ll see later. But to make the most of your efforts on digital marketing, you have to […]

Doing Accounting & Budgeting for your Blogging Business

If one day you just started blogging like a normal person do laundry or bath. Who really did not put much thought about making money about it. You did not even mind and care to research for keywords but then again; your blog got a lot of traffic and responses. More than you expect and […]

Get Noticed by Advertising

The easiest and hardest thing to do when you are trying to catch people in the internet is Advertising. Easy because your imagination of what concept or idea to use can reach to sky high and hardest because you also want to catch the user’s attention and you also have to make sure that your […]

The benefits of Social Media

We Singaporeans are among the most active social media users in the world. And this landscape of social media is constantly changing. Here is a brief overview before you plunge into the PowerPoint platform below: Google is the leading search engine with 77% market share. 82% of Singaporean users are social network with 2.5 million on […]

How to start your own blog in just 5 steps

I’ll try to explain how to start your own blog, I wish someone would have told me years ago when I started blogging. I would have saved a lot of time and headaches. I hope to save you time and headaches too with this explanation. 1. Get a host. A web host is where your […]