7 Great Ideas To Make Money Online

There are many ways to make extra money very easy, some more elaborate, some more quickly and others with more patience. We review of ideas to generate extra income to the necessity and difficulty of finding a job. These ways to make money have been used by different people at certain stages of their life.

1. Diving container.

Do not call “scavenging” because it would sound bad. From shelves, clothes, books and all kinds of school supplies, and sometimes even televisions and computers that do not work, and you just have to fix.All this is sold both in thrift stores like EBAY. They say they have come to earn up $2,500 selling a lot of products left in the university when making the move.


2. Buying and selling second – hand goods.

Some people visit thrift stores looking undervalued and can sell at a higher price on EBAY products. Other directly buys things at symbolic prices to sell on the internet. Furthermore, if you have technical knowledge, if a scanner or printer breaks down, tends to more expensive to fix than buy another, so you will earn money buying that old scanner or printer, repairs, and puts on sale.

3. Private lessons.

Both in and on the internet today, if you have a specific knowledge and across a person needs, there you have an excellent opportunity to make money. And now thanks to technological advancements you can even have your own private lessons in a group, where the Google+ Hangout can have more than 10 students connected. The price is up to you.

4. Painting facades of houses.

Probably many people do not want to spend money on paint in front of his house, but … what if you knock on the door of their houses and tell them you’re trying to save for college and for $10 you give an overview of painting the facade? Clearly, it will not sell as a professional painter, but the facades were better than how were at first, and customers were grateful.


5. YouTube channel.

It may be more prepared this way to make money than before, and needs to win a faithful visit, and can influence luck too. You can make a channel of any matter that you do well (kitchen, finance ….) or even a channel of humor, where if you are creative you can be very successful. If you do not know where to start in this regard, I will give you some tips and steps to make money on YouTube .

6. Account Management Twitter and Facebook.

We talked about making money helping those small businesses or freelancers who do not have much time to give them visibility on the internet or get a considerable number of followers.It would be like the work of a Community Manager but focused on people who do not know what that word means. Sometimes we forget that there are many small entrepreneurs who do not have knowledge in technology issues, so they would not know or opened a Facebook page for your business. For a small fee, I’m sure you leave in your hands.

7. Earn money selling your photos for image banks.

There are many image banks where you get paid every time someone downloads or use your photo.This way of making money is not fast because you could take to sell your photos, but it is another way. One of the most important images banks is Gettyimages. Of course, you should fully understand the pros and cons of doing this. In this blog, the author makes a perfect summary from their experience  on how to sell your photos on GettyImages .


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