Get Noticed by Advertising

The easiest and hardest thing to do when you are trying to catch people in the internet is Advertising. Easy because your imagination of what concept or idea to use can reach to sky high and hardest because you also want to catch the user’s attention and you also have to make sure that your ad stands out from the mediocre ‘just OK’.

But some ads do stand out. They make you laugh, play, enjoy — and most importantly, remember the advertising message. You might be wondering what these kind of ads have in common. The one thing they have in common is that these types of ads seek to deliver an experience rather than just the brand. These advertisers created holistic advertising experience neatly tucked into a brand ad. I mean how cool and subtle is that?

So we have here some ways to give your ad a fighting chance to get noticed.

Use video


When you have a lot of budget for the ad and campaign it’s advantageous to use video in advertising but use it in non-traditional ways. Combine the video into a banner to increase effectiveness. MediaMind’s benchmarks show that video has a positive effect on nearly every metric. It increases dwell rates by 30 percent and nearly doubles dwell time. Furthermore, it doubles click-through rates and increases conversion rates.


Create Engagement

You should find a way to engage your readers and audience in your advertisement may it be a simple banner or a video or a combination of both. Like create an ad that asks them to play a virtual game, maybe to shoot something or to guess something or maybe a simple question and answer. This makes the ad more memorable because of the experience. This is what a Kindergarten teacher does when approaching a child, to entertain, engage and educate the child so who says advertisers can’t do this approach also.


We also have traditional tips to people who still can afford the video ad.

The use of white blank space

Magazines and newspapers are crammed with text. If your ad is a breath of fresh air, you can use that space to draw in the eye.

blank space and bold letters

If not white space, flood the page with a color. An orange page in a sea of text will grab attention. Black, not so much, but it can be effective.

Turn the ad on its head Or on its side.

This will break the regularity and DO it for a reason not just because you feel like it.

Always go for the BIG font

A page filled with a headline could really break through. But it needs to be 90% of the ad. There are large headlines everywhere; yours needs to be enormous.

What about bending some rules?

Well, you can certainly and creatively break rules. J like printing your ads backwards, or pretend to commit mistake in the headlines. Make the ad look like it’s off register, or there’s been a spill on the page. Do things that uglify your ad. Anything that goes outside of the normal parameters is going to help you stand out from the crowd.

Remember, as Dave Trott has said, 89% of ads go unnoticed. You cannot afford to be contributing to that pile. Who cares if your ad turns off a lot of people, if it catches the attention of the right ones, you’re golden.

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The benefits of Social Media

We Singaporeans are among the most active social media users in the world. And this landscape of social media is constantly changing. Here is a brief overview before you plunge into the PowerPoint platform below:

Google is the leading search engine with 77% market share.
82% of Singaporean users are social network with 2.5 million on Facebook and Twitter, who attended 13.5% in January this year.

Online Video: An average Singapore visitors about 10.7 hours per month spent watching online videos.
Blogs range in Singapore hit 55% in the year of 2010.

Internet statistics: The total population in Singapore was last recorded at 5.4 million in 2013 and there are 4 million Internet users. About 74% of Singaporeans use social media regularly.
31% of Internet users in Singapore were between 25 and 34 years old.
Singapore has gone social and women are more social than men in Singapore.

blogging- SEO

Facebook is the top social media network in Singapore with over 3.8 million people who registered.
Singapore has 70% penetration of the media of social media; more than twice the global average of 26%. About 25% of the total Linkedin users are in a leading position. According to Google Trend, Instagram/Twitter overtook to become the second most popular social media networks in Singapore, while LinkedIn and Facebook are the ideal for B2B social marketing platform in Singapore.

Social media meet our basic need, hence its advantages in communication and interaction. By tapping into a mass medium such as the Internet, social media has advantages that thousands and millions of people are connected from anywhere in the world. The users of social media are not passive consumers but active participants who share their knowledge, experience and opportunities with others, which can be regarded as one of the main advantages of social media. Through social media it is possible to position brands, manage marketing strategies, and establish virtual channels.

One of the most significant advantages of social media is that they have various applications for users, free of charge to expose their lives, their knowledge, their companies, businesses and all kinds of interests.

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We must thank social media because it is much easier to meet the market behavior, opinions, concerns, the needs of users immediately, while providing greater flexibility in the response time, which translates to quality service, this being one of the advantages most representative of social media.
The viral effect is also one of the advantages as this effect generated by social media is like a snowball, because in less time and with fewer resources it can be made to the same message to a large impact number of people and they in turn share it with others. In social media there are specialized sites either in business, in relationships or on specific topics, users can define which site is best suited to augment their goals.

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There is the possibility to manage public or private information, other advantages of social media that enables users to define who want to share. Social media can be used as a business tool that thousands of people certainly has generated surprising results and unexpected economic growth. One of the great advantages of social media is that people last as much time on these sites than others that do not provide the interaction, participation, the ability to create and fun.

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How to start your own blog in just 5 steps

I’ll try to explain how to start your own blog, I wish someone would have told me years ago when I started blogging. I would have saved a lot of time and headaches. I hope to save you time and headaches too with this explanation.

man- blogging

1. Get a host.
A web host is where your website “lives”. You own this space, but you pay a small fee to keep him in line. There are all flavors and colors.

2. Registering a domain.
You can get a domain name through the company that offers accommodation. I recommend doing it this way, to keep everything with the same company.

3. Set up your blog.
I used wordpress because it is 100% proven very good and it is easy to use. It’s easy, fast and best of all, free.

4. Get a theme.
When you start using WordPress, you can download a lot of beautiful designs blog (called “themes”), many of which are free.

5. Log in and start posting.
Once you are logged in, click the Post, you can find it in the left column and then select the Add New. Write a title and create some content for your blog, and you’re in the world of blogging.

And that’s it, now you are in the world of blogs. What do you think? It’s simple and easy right!


Having a blog can be an excellent tool for your customer loyalty, achieve repurchases and recommendations. Sometimes your customers may not fully appreciate all the features of your product, either by misinformation or lack of opportunities, sometimes causing dissatisfaction or limiting buybacks.

Writing in your business blog suggestions on how to use your product or service you will be greatly increasing the probability of generating new business opportunities.

You can use your corporate blog to inform your customers of your new products, services or promotions, not only the informational content, but it is also recommended to share news and offers they appreciate.

You write a blog of your company, you will approach your audience and give valuable feedback to continually improve. People appreciate that companies are willing to listen and help them solve their problems.

Having loyal customers means getting valuable recommendations and future purchases for their part in the future. As you can see the statistics tell us that having a blog is an essential element of your marketing strategy. However, as in any activity the way they run the ideas are more important than the idea itself.

You must take care that your blog is properly optimized to be easily found by search engines but also for your readers to find it easy to read. The frequency with which a blog is updated also plays an important role in the results because the more publications it can get more benefits.

Therefore it is not only a rampant start writing without a plan and a specific goal as this will not dramatically impact your marketing. Your blog should be well planned and promoted, and above all, must have quality content.